Without a doubt, constructing a home is probably the single biggest investment you’ll make in your entire life unless you become the next techie sensation. The fact that it is such a huge decision on your part, it is vital that it’s done right the first time. Before you start collecting and comparing swatches and checking out different designs, it is paramount that you select the right new home builder for your dream project. Here is the ultimate guide to selecting a new home builder.

Budget That The New Home Builder Have To Work On

Applying and getting approved for a construction mortgage is very important before you start the builder selection process. With this in hand you can confirm your budget as well as your financial stability to builders and realtors.

Know Your Needs from Your Home Builder

Determine the type of home you want. Remember there is a big difference between wanting something and actually needing it. Many Salt Lake City home builders specialize to some degree and can even provide you with a price range for the type of home you have in mind. Whether you are a first time homebuyer or a retiree or someone who was able to save enough for the home of your dreams, there is a builder out there that can cater to your liking.

Crystal Clear on Your Home Build

It pays to be crystal clear on all aspects of the home building project to your builder. You want to compare builders and what they can provide so it is vital that you be as clear and detailed as you can with regards to your expectations. Do you prefer hardwood floors or an all season sunroom but fail to even mention a bit of detail to that to your builder then they would not be able to provide you with a fair quote.

Home Builder Warranty

Each product you buy comes with its own warranty. A huge investment such as a home should come with written long term and insured 3rd party warranty. Do not be content with a simple promise from the builder. It is vital you have this as this protects you in the event that if there are warranted problems, even if the builder is already out of business, the matter will be addressed via settlement or repair.

Observe & Report

Do not merely be content with pictures of builder projects posted online. Pay a visit to one of their job sites to see for yourself how they work. Observe cleanliness, promptness, safety and way of interaction with one another. Do also pay close attention to the workmanship and materials used in the construction project. Are the builders experienced, approachable, knowledgeable and courteous? Check for the details on the project.

Selecting A New Home Builder – The Ultimate Guide
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