Home remodeling laundry room idea

In most homes, the laundry area or room is often the most neglected part as it is mostly for utility and storage. If you are remodeling your home and want to get more from your laundry space, here are some home remodeling ideas to consider to make your laundry room look better and more functional.

Home Remodeling Advantage #1 Create Counter Space

A home remodeling project can give you more space in the laundry room

When you started your family there was just you and your wife. Now, you have 3 kids and another on the way. Having enough space for sorting and folding clothes can really make your life easier. Why not consider adding an island similar to the ones that is normally placed in a kitchen. Aside from allowing a more generous area for the counter, there are also better storage possibilities created as well. If you do not have space in the center of the laundry room, I suggest you add a countertop over side-by-side front-load washers and dryers. In this way, you are ensuring that the space is used optimally while achieving a customized built-in look.

Home Remodeling Advantage #2 Optimize Storage Possibilities

Get more storage space after a home remodeling project

Whether you have a big or small laundry, there is always room to add supplemental storage options. Good storage can keep things in their place and reduce clutter. I recommend using stock cabinetry as these are cheap and can be installed quite quickly. Check out both the base and well-mounted units whenever it is possible. If there are no spaces available for cabinets, there are alternative storage possibilities you can purchase that can increase storage capacity given your available space.

Home Remodeling Advantage #3 Get New and Upgraded Appliances

When was the last time you bought a washer and dryer? Has it been too long that you no longer are able to remember? If so, replacing them with upgraded models will make your life much easier as well as help save on water and electricity costs too. Newer models offer a plethora of energy efficiency features and other perks to make washing clothes easier for the user. Check out bigger-capacity washers and dryers to power-foam and steam-cleaning variants.

Home Remodeling Advantage #4 Install a Sink To Make Laundry Faster

Home remodeling idea - put a sink in your laundry area

Placing a utility sink in the laundry can make your washing chores go faster. The cost of installing one by a reputable home remodeler like PrattRemodeling.com may be cheaper than you imagined. Just think of the time you’ll save hand-washing items without having to move from one room to the other. If you already have the plumbing in place then the installation would go much quicker.

Home Remodeling Advantage #5 Better Looking Better Mood

Home remodeling idea, upgrade your laundry room

Who says that the laundry should be drab? There is no reason why it should not be an inviting space so that you would also want to be there to do the necessary stuff you need to. Hang some art, install some decorative window treatments, and make the colors on the walls more inviting.

Home Remodeling Laundry Room Ideas
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